Precast factory

Precast factory

Factory / Production

Factory for the production of prefabricated parts, for modular construction, which will be dimensioned according to the needs of each project / customer.


Storage / Shipping

All our industrial units have an outside area reserved for the stocking / storage and shipment of the finished parts. This area will count on the contribution of a rolling porch that will cover all this area and that will facilitate the work of handling, loading and unloading of the pieces, which from here follow in trucks to the site of the work.


Training Center

To our medium and large units there is the possibility of coupling a Training Center, which will allow the continuous training of the employees of the factory, in the different functions, as well as all other workers on site, from the assembly of the pieces (focused on the construction modular), links, elevators, masons, plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, carpenters, machine and truck drivers, among many others.