The brick of the 21st century

The modular construction system SAFEBOX differs from the traditional construction by its speed, high quality of construction and finishes.

The "dry" building system uses environmentally friendly materials, ensuring a better energy efficiency of the building system, optimum thermal and acoustic performance, reduction of waste materials, reduced production of construction waste, reduction of energy and water consumption, and reduced CO2 emissions.

Completely self-supporting monolithic parts with BOX (O), U and L geometries that come together to construct a building in which its divisions arise with the assembly of the mechanically "connected" parts (mechanical connections of high resistance) in each other.

Each piece "incorporates" itself the flooring, walls and ceilings of an apartment / building, as well as all the negatives for passage of the piping referring to the pre-installation of special networks, such as water, electricity, telecommunications, sewers, etc. Where necessary and when required by the architecture, slabs of stairs, also prefabricated in factory and in reinforced concrete, according to the existing design, will be applied.

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